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IPL 2020: Data Science of Winning | Dhruv Rathee

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Analysing the data science to win IPL trophy. Check out upGrad or download the App Choose from a wide range of college, PG, executive, and Global MBA programs.

Is it possible to scientifically choose the most valuable players in IPL auction, create the winning team and go on to win the IPL 2020 Trophy. I will explain the data science behind who will win the IPL and explain how machine learning and algorithms are being used to improve team winning performances

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0:00 Introduction
2:09 What is Data Science?
6:12 History of Cricket Data
8:20 Science of Auctioning Players
12:19 Predictions
13:27 Importance of Randomness
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K. Kapadia, H. Abdel-Jaber, F. Thabtah et al., Sport analytics for cricket game results using machine learning: An experimentalstudy, Applied Computing and Informatics,
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